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washing machines

The team at Appliance care are your Washing Machine Repair specialists and have a huge range of replacement parts in stock.


We can service and repair most makes and models so save yourself the run around and book a site visit today!


We can service and repair most makes and models of driers so save your time hanging out clothes and ensure your dryer is working properly!

ovens and stoves

Since the days of cooking over an open flame inside a cave, mankind has searched for an effective cooking medium that didn’t smoke out the living areas.


Storing food for a long period of time has been a challenge since cavemen days. Very few cavemen had enough storage for an adult mammoth.

Appliance Parts

We repair a wide range of appliances from all the leading manufacturers. Don’t buy new when your current appliance may still have years of faithful service left with a little bit of care and attention.


Appliances Repaired


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